Brief History

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Kaliber Security was established in 1999, to serve the growing demand for quality security guards in Malaysia. Today Kaliber Security has cemented its place as one of the top security providers in Malaysia.

Kaliber Security is famed for its Gurkha guards division, since obtaining its first Gurkha approval in 2002, the Gurkha division has since been built to an army of over 300 men (One of the largest in the country) securing various projects from housing areas to shopping malls.


Logo Rational:

The owl motif was chosen as the corporate identity of Kaliber Security Services Sdn Bhd for a number of very compelling reasons. The concept of a wise owl reflects our vision to have a well-trained, knowledgeable and educated guard force.


The owl itself is a nocturnal animal which is vigilant throughout the night and this echoes our crucial role during the hours of darkness. The deep blue hue was chosen to portray our affinity with nightfall and silver signifies the sterling qualities of our Kaliber guards.

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